Hundreds of Millions of people are affected by a kind of chronic disease such as depression, digestive discomfort and even cancer and auto-immune disease.

80% of individuals affected do not receive any treatment. The number of patients increases by approximately 20% per year.

Music can help healing!

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"The Journey is the
destination to
inner peace!"

- 7om Powers

7om has the unique ability to plant joy in everyone’s life.

His musical program WALK OF LIFE will inspire and influence you to overcome any difficult situation and find new perspectives in life.

The event includes an introduction on how to activate your self-healing power.

You may find ways of healing yourself and find answers if you currently feel discomfort in your life.

You may also experience a change in your life and get out of the emotional pain, poisoned thoughts, negative self-talk, emptiness, stress, struggle, misery, bitterness, depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem.

Relax and learn to let things go!

Performance Reviews:

"Bliss is always expected
to be normal in this world
but unfortunately it isn´t."

- 7om Powers

At the event you will:

▶︎ Receive the principles on how activate self-healing and re-connect with yourself

▷ Hear delightful music that will put you in the right emotional state

▶︎ Find answers to your questions and learn what 10 minutes of re-programming your mind through music can do.

If you make a great effort to come to this event, you should feel proud and satisfied!

You are the shiny star of your own life!

"The healing arts of music has helped me and many others out of serious illness, misery, bitterness and depression.”

- 7om Powers

“Too much stress
can be toxic —
even disabling”-

- American Psychological Association

Thrive on a journey with 7om and experience the joyful way of enlightening fire within you through his musical performance and speeches.

Scientists figured out that music can bypass our mind and in fact has a big impact in bringing us in various emotional stages and a big impact on our well-being.

About the Performer & Speaker:

7om Powers, born in Vienna, Austria is the survivor of a serious illness and chronic medical condition that western medicine currently fails to treat.

He spent 2.5 years in several medical facilities fighting for his life. Eventually, he gave up hope on western medicine and he started his journey to look for alternatives.

The side effects of the medications made him feel worse and worse every day and the pain killers did not bring a solution that he was looking for. Things got worse day after day.

In "Walk of Life Event - The Healing Experience of Music,” 7om will demonstrate how much impact music has on his well-being and will also perform several self-composed themes which will bring the audience into a deep emotional state to open up and relax.

These are the same melodies and musical themes that helped him bypass the mental barriers that prevented self-healing, and ultimately helped him to recover from his illness.

"Bringing the body in a calm state through my music was a major turning point in my life."

From there on, things changed and all the pain started to disappear one after the other. My terrible cramps disappeared, concerning tumor markers went down, liver values improved, my arthritis disappeared, my depression disappeared, my fibromyalgia disappeared and my immune system re-booted and works better than ever since.

Thanks to my music I was able to recover from all painful issues that caused me several times to end up in the emergency room.

We have to understand that our bodies are able to regain energy, self-regulate and restore if we provide the right environment.

My music helped me to bypass the mind which to my belief and more and more scientific evidence causes most of our problems, diseases and especially a lot of chronic illnesses ” said 7om Powers.

We often poison our own mind with our thinking, negativity and create a lot of emotional discomfort, anger, bitterness and misery in our lives.

With “Walk of Life - The Healing Experience of Music”, I am making the same music available to you that helped me to activate my self-healing power, released all my pain and stress and which boosted my immune system.

Thanks to my music I was able to bring my body back to an optimal health condition, free of pain and to enjoy life in every single moment to its fullest.

Enjoy my music as way to heal yourself!

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